People with low mobility now have the opportunity to buy rail tickets with special seats through the Internet

This service became available thanks to the integration of the Federal Register of Disabled Persons (FRPD) with the information department of Russian Railways (RZD). As clarified by the PFR press service, thanks to the constant updating of data in the system on citizens with the status of persons with disabilities, the latter will not need to additionally confirm their disability. This will greatly speed up and simplify the procedure for buying tickets for all intercity trains equipped with special seats for wheelchair users.

The department also added that the transfer of information from the FRI was initiated by the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation back in December last year. After undergoing testing, which showed no malfunctions, the new system was put into permanent operation.

It should be noted that until now the purchase of tickets for special seats for physically disabled passengers was possible only by the direct request of the latter at the ticket office of the railway station. To confirm their disability they were required to bring the appropriate document (certificate of disability), which was not always convenient for the citizens themselves.

It is worth noting that until now the purchase of tickets for special seats for disabled passengers was only possible by directly contacting the ticket office of the train station.