Folding ramps for the disabled

Car ramp with swivel mechanism for wheelchair users "SILACH" model A201 is easy to operate, affordable and reliable in operation. Our engineering and production company designs, manufactures, delivers and installs mobile ramps to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities.

Apparel A201
Apparel A201
800 mm
2800 mm/s
Net weight
55 kg
350 kg
Length in folded form
1500 mm
Price from 180 000 ₽.
The ability to manufacture ramps for moving various loads from 350 kg to 1500 kg according to the customer’s request in the shortest possible time.

Ramps for wheelchairs "SILACH"

The company "SILACH-LIFT" designs and manufactures ramps for the disabled, which are equipped with a special swivel mechanism. You can purchase mobile ramps of the A201 modification from us, designed to ensure a comfortable check-in and exit for wheelchairs with people with limited mobility from the passenger compartment. It is allowed to install such equipment in the rear or side doors of buses, cars and other vehicles that can carry passengers in wheelchairs. The need to buy a ramp for the disabled often arises from social services, transport companies and other public institutions. This type of equipment is often used for loading unloading goods and equipment.

The main advantages of ramps

Each ramp, made for the disabled in our company, is highly durable, but at the same time light in weight. The advantages of mobile ramps "SILACH" also include:

  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • protection of metal elements against corrosion;
  • the presence of 2 gas lifts, providing maximum ease of use;
  • The ability to turn the ramp 180° using a special built-in mechanism.

All folding wheelchair ramps are equipped with an aluminum frame and a comfortable perforated platform with a special anti-slip coating. This ensures a high degree of grip and the wheelchair can be easily pushed into the vehicle even if the inclination angle is very high.

The folding ramp "SILACH" A201 weighs 55 kg, but at the same time its load capacity is 350 kg. These characteristics make it possible to ensure the safety of people of any size and the performance of the device during operation for a long time.

Why cooperation with us is beneficial?

For more than 9 years we have been developing, manufacturing and selling various models of lifting devices that help disabled people to transfer into cars, overcome various obstacles in wheelchairs and comfortably climb stairs, and trucking companies - to easily handle loads weighing up to 1000 kg thanks to cargo-type ramps.

The advantages of cooperation with the company "SILACH-LIFT" our customers include the following factors:

  • providing a documentary guarantee for all types of equipment;
  • the ability to order the development and manufacture of a special lift according to individual sizes;
  • low prices that make it economically feasible to purchase the devices.

All ramps, tilting ramps, hydraulic platforms and other lifting mechanisms presented in the catalog are characterized by high technology and reliability.