Mobile lift

Are you looking for a vertical mobile wheelchair lift with working platforms of the optimal model or are you planning to order its design and manufacture according to individual parameters? Our company has been producing lifting equipment for the disabled for more than 6 years and offers to order turnkey professional services with an official guarantee. For a detailed consultation and calculation of the estimate, call the manager of "SILACH-LIFT" or leave a request on the website.

Max. lifting height
1600 mm
Operating speed of movement
0.2 m/s
Max. payload
300 kg
Weight, net
280 kg
24 V
Price from 435 000 ₽.

Mobile wheelchair lifts

The company "SILACH-LIFT" produces a wide range of lifting equipment for the disabled. You can buy a ready-made mobile lift with a scissor-type lifting platform from us or order the design of a new device for moving a wheelchair with subsequent production according to individual sizes. Our specialists provide professional turnkey services. We provide an official guarantee for all lifting equipment and work performed.

The main clients of our company are representatives of people with limited mobility, Russian Railways, airports, medical institutions, as well as organizations that provide an accessible environment for people with disabilities in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and many other cities of the country.

Types of devices and their benefits

Mobile lifts for the disabled are presented in the catalog by the hydraulic model I.106 with a scissor mechanism. The lifting height of the platform varies from 1.6 to 2 m. The vertical mobile lift is controlled by remote control. The equipment also includes:

  • protection against accidental folding and overloading;
  • controlling the speed of lowering the stationary platform;
  • manual control in case of power failure;
  • stable fixation due to the presence of screw supports;
  • presence of anti-slip coating on the platform.

The I.106 mobile wheelchair lift can be used in any public buildings: for example, at bus and railway stations, airports, etc. The operating speed of such a device is only 0.2 m / s, which ensures safety person while lifting. The maximum load capacity of this model is 300 kg.

Your benefits when ordering from us

Purchase of a mobile lift with a working platform "STRENGTH-LIFT" is advisable in all cases when it is necessary to ensure the convenience of transplanting a person in a wheelchair with lifting it to the required level.

The important advantages of our company's equipment include the following factors:

  • complete independence from the place where you want to install the lift;
  • the ability to apply in conjunction with a group of adjacent objects located far from each other;
  • Compliance of the characteristics of mobile lifts with all the requirements of GOST.

We are a direct developer and manufacturer, so we can offer customers favorable prices for all models presented in the catalog.