How to register and commission the lifting platform?

Registration and operation of lifting platforms for people with disabilities is regulated by the "Rules of the device and safe operation of lifting platforms for people with disabilities", approved by the decree of Gosgortekhnadzor of Russia from 11.03.2001 № 10, in part, not contradicting the current legislation.

What changes have occurred due to the entry into force of the RF Government Decree No. 743 dated June 24, 2017?

In accordance with the provisions of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of June 24, 2017 № 743:

  • Putting a facility into operation is permitted only after it has been inspected by the relevant supervisory authority.
  • Putting into operation and use of the facility is permitted only if there is a certificate of technical certification of the lifting platform for the disabled.
  • Notifications of the commissioning of facilities that have actually begun to be used prior to the entry into force of the Resolution, for their registration are sent to the relevant authorized body of the Russian Federation within a period not exceeding 4 months from the date of entry into force of the Rules.
Whose job is it to install lifting platforms for people with disabilities?

Installation of platforms on objects should be carried out by the employees who have previously undergone special training. They should be included in the staff of the organization, which has the appropriate permission to carry out this type of work.

Company products

Why should we order a wheelchair lift from us?
  • We measure, estimate, manufacture, install, and prepare documents for the commissioning of our equipment.
  • We have our own production with our own design department, which allows us to accept orders for non-standard platform models.
  • When making products, we take into account the specifics of specific objects.
  • All our products are covered by the warranty.
What is the duration of the equipment warranty?

All equipment manufactured by the company is covered by a 24-month warranty.

Does the equipment have certification?

All our products are certified, as evidenced by the relevant documents that come with them.

How long does it take to make a lift?

The production time of one platform may vary depending on the model from one week to two months.

If non-standard components are required for the manufacture of equipment, the period may be extended, but we will notify the customer.

How can I place an order?

Call us at 8 (831) 262-12-44 or 8 (800) 500-87-56 (free of charge), e-mail us at info@silachlift.ru or visit our office at 603005, Nizhny Novgorod, Minina St., 10v, office #6.

We accept orders from individuals?

Yes, of course. Our products can be purchased not only by legal entities, but also by private individuals.


How much will it cost to buy a lift for the disabled?

The price of lifting equipment for disabled people is formed on the basis of several factors. The following criteria influence the cost first of all:

  • Number of stops and lifting height.
  • Sophisticated or straightforward lift path.
  • Model extension (anti-vandal execution, dispatching and other options).
  • Properties of operating conditions (indoor or outdoor).
  • Other unique features of the project.

Without this data, it is not possible to answer the question "How much will a wheelchair lift cost for the disabled? The cost of the project can only be calculated on the basis of a fully completed order form, which the potential buyer sends to the company's manager.

Technical support

Which documents are attached to the equipment?

The set of technical documents for lifting devices includes:

  • Passport of equipment, which is prepared in accordance with GOST R 555555, application DB.
  • Operation manual.
  • Principal electrical diagram with complete list of elements.
  • Detailed instructions for installation and adjustment, running-in and adjustment of the platform.
  • Mounting drawing containing the dimensions and information required to verify the compliance of the platform installation with the requirements of current legislation.
  • Principal hydraulic scheme, to which the list of elements of the scheme is attached (attached only to hydraulic type platforms).
Can I order non-standard lifting equipment?

Yes, our company accepts orders for non-standard modification of devices. We have our own design office, whose employees are engaged in the preparation of such individual projects. Non-standard hoist can have extended functionality, increased load capacity or a non-standard installation.


What documents do I need to receive my order?

The representative of the legal entity must have a power of attorney of form M-2 to receive the ordered equipment. For private clients to receive the order it is necessary to provide the receipt in which there is a mark of the bank, confirming successful payment of the goods.

Can I order delivery to the regions?

Yes. We carry out free delivery of the equipment on Nizhny Novgorod or to the terminal of any TC. When placing an order, the buyer must specify the region to which the goods should be delivered. Transfer of equipment to transport companies is carried out on average 2 times a week. After the shipment, the manager sends the consignment note to the customer. When the order arrives at the destination, the logistics company notifies the buyer and calculates the exact amount of shipping costs.