About the company «SILACH-LIFT»

We are a manufacturer and supplier of elevators that are designed to make it easier for people with disabilities to move. What sets our company apart is our wide product range and our turnkey approach. For example, we produce equipment for small, medium and large buses as well as for installation in public places. The latter includes airports, train stations, social facilities and administrative buildings.

When contacting us each of our customers gets an individual approach when working with an order - we manufacture the products ourselves so we are ready to deliver them in any configuration and in the required quantities.

What products do we offer?

Our product catalog includes:

  1. Vehicle elevators. There are different models depending on what kind of vehicle you need to install the structure on. Elevators can be easily built into both side and rear doors. They come in a variety of capacities: up to 350 kg, 380 kg, and more.
  2. Access ramps for the disabled. These are mobile ramps that can turn 180 degrees, allowing full use of the entire door space if you need to move a wheelchair.
  3. Building elevators. These models are a stationary solution that allows you to move a wheelchair with a person vertically up to a height of 2 meters.
  4. Lift elevators for goods. Capable of lifting weights of between 500 kg and 5 tonnes to heights of up to 15 meters.
  5. Mobile elevators. Such equipment does not depend on the place of installation and can be transported to any desired location.
  6. Hydroboards. They are an external elevator that moves from ground level to body level with and without cargo.

The company offers both off-the-shelf lifting solutions and customized solutions if the customer has such a request.

Our services

"SILACH-LIFT" offers services in design, manufacturing, delivery, installation, repair and maintenance (warranty and post-warranty) wheelchair elevators - mobile and stationary. We also help select and supply components for hydroboard and lift platforms. Our team designs, tests and manufactures appropriate metal structures for equipping residential, public spaces and buildings on a turnkey basis upon customer request.