Wheelchair lifts in the car

Electro-hydraulic wheelchair lift SILAC is indispensable for the comfortable loading and unloading of passengers in wheelchairs into the car without physical effort and assistance from third parties.

Wide range of our equipment and reasonable prices make it easy to choose and buy the necessary hoist for your machine. We carry out delivery and installation of devices for lifting wheelchairs in any city of Russia.

Design and production company SILACh-LIFT has many years of experience in the development and implementation of various engineering solutions in the field of lifting systems on vehicles, public and industrial buildings.

Ability to provide engineering solutions of any complexity combined with modern production standards sets us apart as a leading industrial structure capable of guaranteeing the complete reliability of car lifts.

Thanking to our experienced team of professionals, we do not limit ourselves to the standard line of our products and offer the most cost-effective, safe and technological solutions for you in the shortest possible time.

As an innovative company, we design and manufacture lifting systems for private, public and commercial vehicles, as well as for public and industrial buildings and structures.

Models of wheelchair car lifts

  1. Silac Wheelchair Lifter model I101 - easy to operate and reliable in operation! Designed for installation in the back door of cars and buses of small and medium capacity, for comfortable loading / unloading of passengers in a wheelchair. The car lift is equipped with a steel platform of continuous type with anti-slip coating. It has a powerful hydraulic pump with two hydraulic cylinders capable of lifting a weight of 380 kg. Innovative folding protection system and automatic stopping system in the end positions guarantee safe use in all climatic conditions.
  2. Silach Wheelchair Lifter, model I102 - easy to operate and versatile for most tasks! It is used for both rear and side doors of small and medium sized cars and buses, for comfortable loading/unloading of passengers in wheelchair weighing up to 380 kg. Equipped with a steel swing type platform that allows you to use the entrance gangway of your vehicle without any problems. The increased rigidity of the platform in combination with the wheelchair barriers guarantees safe use in all climatic conditions. Protection systems against accidental folding and automatic stopping in the end positions serve as a guarantee of safe operation in different climatic conditions.
  3. Silac Wheelchair Lifter I103 is easy to operate, technologically advanced, invisible and affordable. It has the advantage of a concealed installation in any door thanks to a cassette-type platform that can be easily integrated into the steps of a large capacity bus or under the bottom of a minibus. The automatic lift has a powerful hydraulic pump that allows you to lift the weight of 350 kg to a height of more than 1 meter. Welded steel frame with an aluminum anti-slip coating and 2 wheelchair barriers allows the disabled person to be safely placed in the car in any climatic conditions.
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