Types of ramps for wheelchairs and their characteristics

Ramps are structures that connect different levels of planes for the comfortable and safe movement of people with disabilities or pedestrians with strollers.

These devices are a basic element in the formation of an accessible environment for people with disabilities. But to ensure unhindered and safe access it is necessary to produce and install ramps in accordance with current regulations.

Design requirements for the ramp

Wheelchair ramps must meet many requirements, have a certain slope and width, and be equipped with a railing of a prescribed form. The basic requirements to the design, dimensions and other parameters are regulated by GOST R 51261-99, SNiP 35-01-2001, as well as SP 35-101-2001. According to these documents, ramps should be installed according to the following basic rules:

  • The height of one ramp lift - no more than 80 cm (with a slope up to 8 °). In areas with height differences up to 20 cm, installation of structures with a slope of up to 10 ° is allowed.
  • Width of the structure of one-way traffic - 1 m (recommended width - 1.5 m).
  • Height of the boards - 5 cm.
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  • Height of the supporting structures - from 70 to 90 cm.
  • The area of the horizontal platform at the beginning and at the end of the structure - 1,5x1,5 m.
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  • The fire resistance limit of materials for wheelchair ramps is 2 hours. Therefore, plastic and wood are not used for the manufacture of this equipment.

Types of ramps for wheelchairs

Wheelchair ramps are made of high-strength steel. Depending on where they are installed, they can be stationary or portable. According to functionality and design features, they are divided into the following types:

  • folding (folding);
  • telescopic;
  • mobile.

Folding wheelchair ramps are designed to be installed at the entrances of residential buildings, public institutions, staircases in entrances, etc. They are attached to the handrail or wall, can be easily unfolded and when folded do not interfere with the movement of others, taking up a minimum of space.

The telescopic handicap safety wheelchairs are small and foldable. When unfolded, the ramp can be up to 3m long and is secured with wheelchair restraints and locks.

Removable sliding ramps for wheelchairs are convenient in their mobility. They have special fasteners and can be easily dismantled and reinstalled almost anywhere.

Mobile ramps are equipped with special handles so they can be carried as carry-on luggage. They are designed for overcoming thresholds, curbs and other low obstacles.

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