In 2020, 120 elevators for disabled people were installed in Moscow apartment buildings

During the last year 120 more lifting platforms to help people moving in wheelchairs were installed in the entrances of the capital's houses. Petr Biryukov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow responsible for Housing and Public Works, who told journalists about this, emphasized that equipping apartment buildings with such devices is one of the most important components of the program to ensure a barrier-free environment for people whose physical abilities are limited in the capital city. The ability to work outside the apartment, to walk in the fresh air, to communicate are necessary components of a full life. Translated with (free version)

When technical conditions permit, preference is given to more convenient devices with vertical lift - a kind of mini elevators. Such platforms were installed in 47 entrances last year. 73 entrances are equipped with inclined type elevators, compact designs of which are installed on racks placed along the walls parallel to the staircases. On narrow staircases, it is practiced to install devices that, when folded, are virtually invisible and do not interfere with other residents of the building.

To use the lift platform, a person only needs to press the communication button with a control room employee, who will turn on the mechanism and use the video surveillance system to monitor the movement of the disabled person to the exit from the house.

The current new buildings are immediately commissioned with such platforms, but in the houses erected earlier, you need to apply for their installation. An application, confirmed by a permanent Moscow registration and a doctor's recommendation to use a wheelchair, is sent to the local social security authorities.