Lifts into the building for the disabled

SILACh-LIFT designs and manufactures lifts for buildings that ensure comfortable vertical movement of wheelchairs. Our products are installed in medical and administrative institutions, residential buildings and other facilities throughout Russia.

Carrying capacity, kg
250 - 450
Lift height, m
up to 2
Moving speed, m/s max
Inside platform size, mm
Power supply, V
Power, kW
1 - 1.5
electromechanical, screw, hydraulic
Rate of protection against water and dust penetration
Working temperature range
from -40 to +50°C
Price from 399 000 ₽.

SILACH Building Mounted Lifts TM - reliable, easy to use and technologically advanced aids that also have a reasonable price.

These platforms are a reliable help for disabled people and people with low mobility. Thanks to their ability to be lifted from 2 to 6 meters high, they help to overcome:

  • staircases and entrance groups in residential buildings;
  • staircases in public buildings and structures.

Our production elevators for the disabled will be useful practically in any building, their lifting capacity is 250-450 kg. The devices are equipped with an electromechanical and hydraulic drive, which guarantees the stability of operation in harsh climates. It is possible to operate the equipment manually in the absence of power supply in the building. The wheelchair elevators are equipped with sides and anti-slip protection.

Benefits of cooperation with SILACh-LIFT

  • The price of the lift for the building is available to organizations and individuals from any city of Russia.
  • Ability to develop a customized solution for a specific task.
  • Official product warranty - up to 24 months.