Information on the number of wheelchair elevators in MFBs is now required to be indicated in the developer's project declaration

From December 14, 2020 developers must fill out the project declaration in accordance with the new form established on 15.10.2020 by order № 631 of the Ministry of Construction of Russia, which detailed the main sections of this document.

For example, the section "Information about the construction project" must contain information about the number of passenger and freight elevators, as well as elevators for disabled people.

It is now mandatory to provide information on the general contractor. The section reporting on the person acting as the sole executive body of the developer must now include its full name, TIN and legal form. The section on individual founders must contain information on their SNILS and TIN. The same information must also be included in the data on individuals who are in the same group as the developer in order to comply with the country's legislation on protection of competition.

The developer's project declaration has also been supplemented with a new column devoted to the maximum parameters of permitted construction. The section indicating the planned elements of landscaping has also undergone a transformation. In accordance with the new rules, it should inform about the planned number of guest parking spaces, describe the planned installation of small architectural forms, sports and play equipment.