Introducing "SILACH"
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Disabled car elevators and hydroboards - turnkey production and installation

The company "SILACH-LIFT" develops and manufactures wheelchair elevators and hydroboards for cars, sells them at the best prices, as well as provides installation and adjustment services. Our production is located in Nizhny Novgorod, but we deliver equipment with subsequent installation all over Russia, including Moscow. Our main goal is to design and manufacture safe and competitive lifting equipment, both to improve personal mobility for people with disabilities and to help move commercial loads.

Wheelchair lifts and platforms for wheelchair users

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The "SILACH" car wheelchair elevators that we offer are designed specifically for installation in cars and vans. They are electro-hydraulically operated, allowing wheelchair users to move into and out of the vehicle without any effort or assistance.

SL-LIFT tailpipes can be mounted on many types of commercial vehicles and are available for lifting loads up to 2 tons. We offer a complete range of banisters with capacities of 500, 750, 1000, 1500 and 2000 kg.

The SL-LIFT brand also includes a complete lifting solution.

We also manufacture ramps - tilting devices mounted in the rear or side door of medium/large capacity buses. They have a slight incline to allow easy entry/exit of a wheelchair or a cargo cart into the vehicle. We also make ramps.


Our services

We not only design and manufacture car hydroboards and wheelchair elevators at optimal prices, but also provide all related services. These include delivery to the place of installation, installation, preparatory and commissioning activities, periodic maintenance, repair and replacement of major components in case of need or in case of modernization.

If you decide to buy an elevator for the disabled Silach or SL-LIFT to the car exactly from us, you get advantages such as:

  • Availability of a long warranty (2 years) and the possibility of obtaining service after its termination;
  • full compliance of all manufactured products with Russian and foreign quality and safety certificates attached to the set of documents;
  • the possibility to order the device according to your individual project, taking into account the peculiarities of your technical specifications, with non-standard dimensions, additional special equipment or other features.
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