Introducing "SILACH"
Modern wheelchair lift
Breaking down barriers, making the world more accessible
Use in all types of vehicles

Manufacture, sale and installation of freight lifts, wheelchair platforms

Silach Design and Production Company offers to buy electric elevator lifts and lifting platforms for disabled people of its own production in Nizhny Novgorod with delivery and installation in any part of Russia. Our main goal is to help people with disabilities to lead an active life, not to feel any restrictions or obstacles when moving.

Wheelchair lifts and platforms for wheelchair users

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Production of ramps and lifts for the disabled - stairways, inclined, home, mini, mobile / stationary and any other - is carried out on modern equipment using reliable materials that meet safety standards. Cargo structures are designed taking into account the wishes and characteristics of people with disabilities.

Equipment applications

We design, manufacture, sell and install in Russian cities reliable and comfortable in operation lifting systems for:

  • transport for various purposes (private, public and commercial);
  • equipment of private, administrative, public and industrial buildings and structures (adaptation of staircases, entrance groups, etc.).

SILACH-LIFT disabled lifts and platforms help people with disabilities to feel like full members of society without additional effort and are indispensable for:

  • Low mobile population groups;
  • retirement homes and boarding schools for children with disabilities;
  • people with disabilities;
  • medical institutions;
  • private and public clinics;
  • sanatoriums and prophylactic facilities - electric wheelchairs make it easier for people with disabilities to go through rehabilitation procedures;
  • Military hospitals,
  • social organizations providing services to the disabled and the elderly;
  • public institutions (banks, clinics, railway stations, airports, etc.);
  • educational organizations (universities, colleges, schools).

The catalog on the site presents tested products with a detailed description of the application and technical characteristics. The price of a wheelchair lift, mini-lift or cargo platform is available for both organizations and individuals.

With our experienced team of professionals at our innovative company, we offer the most cost effective, safe, and technologically advanced solutions for you.

To order production and buy a wheelchair lift for the disabled at home or another facility, call: 8 (831) 262-12-44 (Nizhny Novgorod) or 8 (800) 500-87-56 (calls from Russian cities are free).


Silach is a new quality of life
for people with disabilities.

Silach-Lift is a socially oriented company that addresses the problems of people with disabilities, providing them with access to technical means of transportation and personal mobility. By breaking down barriers, we make the world around us more accessible to all, inspiring and empowering people in today's society.

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